24 Hour Monitoring of Alarms & Secur...

24 Hour Monitoring of Alarms & Security Systems

24/7 Alarm Monitoring:

We have been providing a 24 Hour Monitoring Service since 2001 and we partner with Monitoring New Zealand to provide this service for you.

Currently Smartway Security has over 700 clients connected to Monitoring and prices start from only $28.00 + GST p/m for Residential and SME.

Larger Businesses, Multiple Partitioned areas and alternative connection methods such as GSM and Radio Net are quoted on a case by case scenario.

We use Monitoring Control Rooms in both Auckland and Wellington with 24 Hour Access to notify of any activation’s or other signals that are reported from your alarm.

The signals we receive from your alarm are as follows:


The Monitoring desk will follow your instructions and call whoever you have requested to act as your contacts. If there is no reply they may then (if you have agreed to this part of the service and as long as it is available in your area) contact the local Patrol to attend your premises, this is then chargeable by the Patrol Company and is normally around $45 to $55 depending where you are. If you live in a rural area and if you request us to do so, we will establish in advance the amount you will be charged for a call out – although there may NOT be a patrol response in your area if you are quite far out of a town.

Please note that this Patrol is NOT an armed response and they are not expected to fight off intruders, instead they are sent to establish if there indeed has been a break in, report to the Police any relevant information and secure the premises until you or one of your contacts can attend the site.

Daily Test:

The alarm calls the monitoring computers every night to confirm that is in communication.

Setting or Unsetting of the Alarm:

This allows the Monitoring desk to establish if anyone is on the premises.


These are reported to us on a daily basis but if there are any urgent faults then we are normally notified by phone.

All of these signals by your alarm are sent to the control center by either local calls or via an 0800 free call.

With our monitoring we receive daily updates of any unusual signals or activation’s coming from the alarm, this allows us to offer you a much improved service over other monitoring services. We can even provide you with your own access via the Internet, from anywhere in the world to look into your account and see the event log yourself. This is especially handy for keeping track on family or staff?

We can normally look up signals immediately from our office to answer any questions you have about activation’s. If you are currently monitored we can advise you on how to contact your existing monitoring company to cancel your monitoring (we suggest that you speak to us first before you do this).

Senior Citizen Discount:

We also provide a subsidised (Gold Card) Monitoring Service for Senior Citizens, and as you fit into this category please advise us for the special rate.

Switching to Smartway Security:

Once you have carried out the cancellation we will arrange for a technician to call around ASAP to make the changes and if we have not done so lately, service the alarm at the same time. It is cheaper if you switch from another monitoring immediately while we are servicing your alarm prior to cancelling out your old service and we will advise on the best method to suit your circumstances.

Please call us to discuss the easy change over if you are currently with another company.

We look forward to being of service to you for many years to come!

Contract Terms:

Smartway Security offer either 36 Month plans or Monthly plans.


We require 30 days written notice to cancel your monitoring contract with Smartway Security.

Please contact our office to discuss.


Any changes to your monitoring account (ie; contacts, going on holiday) Smartway Security needs to receive in writing.

Please update your details HERE.

Smartway Security Alarm Monitoring Terms and Conditions

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