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Access Control

 Smartway Security Access Control:

Smartway Security & Technology will build your Access Control system based on the requirements of your property for Residential, Commercial & Rural properties where you require selective restriction to specific areas.

Access Control Points Рare used for areas you need to restrict  Рlike Doors, Parking Gates, Elevators, Driveway Gates and other barriers that need restriction points programmed in. Generally access is monitored through a door and operated with a fob/card which is electronically read, authorised access is then available to approved cards. We can program the Access Control so entry and/or exit is controlled built on your custom requirements.

We can also install a dual access panel where a key code is also required for entry and users are nominated a pin each. This helps to monitor the date and time of each person passing through your restricted areas and have reports sent through.

With a correctly positioned CCTV system you can monitor everything that you need 24/7 with the help of today’s advanced technology via PC or Smartphone.

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