Smartway Security Alarms:

Installing a Smartway Security Alarm system may effectively decrease the chances of a burglary at your home or office area. Even if the Security Alarm system does not keep a burglar from breaking in, it should reduce the time the intruder spends in your premises; thus making it difficult for them to steal a vast amount of goods. It turns a opportunist intruder into a smash and grab scenario as they are unaware of how long they may have before someone responds to it!

Most security systems rely on a combination of detectors placed at doors (and sometimes on the windows) and Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensors. Indoor motion sensors are normally used as the primary means of detection. Although they do not detect someone until they are already in the house, there would only likely be a couple seconds of difference between using this method and that of using a reed switch on doors and windows.

For larger commercial buildings it is more advisable that potential entry points such as Roller Doors have reed switch contacts that detect when they are opened. Digital glass break sensors are also available and are greatly recommended to commercial customers. The basic elements of a standard home or office security system include: control panel, keypad, siren, back-up battery, inside motion detector, (possibly door and window contacts) and a central control room. The control panel is where the system wiring terminates, the backup battery is located and where it is connected to the phone lines or broadband.

Some Alarms have the ability to report directly to the client via SMS or telephone messages (by adding special modules) but they are not recommended as the first choice. The keypad is where the system is armed and disarmed from inside the premises – or by an Encrypted Remote Control from outside the premises when the occupants leave the premises. The Infrared sensors sense changes in a room caused by Heat and Movement (normally human presence). Special motion detectors are available for people who have pets. These pet friendly detectors range from a small single pet not more than 18kg and the next more advanced PIR detector will go up to around 40kg for a single pet.

If the system is monitored, and the alarm is set off, the control panel sends a message to the Monitoring Center, which is manned 24 hours a day. After attempting to contact the owner they call your contact list, if no one is available they can then send a Patrol to the site.

Commercial and Residential Smoke and/or Heat Detectors protect your business, home and family with state of the art equipment from the leading manufacturers in the alarm industry.

Wireless home security is gaining popularity as products improve and people attempt to do away with hard wired systems – however they are sometime not as reliable. Using existing approved radio frequencies, battery operated control keypads allow for easier operation and maintenance of your alarm system. There are applications where wireless can be utilised as an addition to or as a separate system.

This all help the process of “peace of mind” you could have by protecting your possessions and loved ones both when you are there and while you are out. Security systems do not prevent thieves from breaking into premises but can reduce the loss. A good security plan should include strong burglar proofing, motion lights, alarm products and good security habits.

Protecting you business or home and family is one of the most important things you can do & many people don’t realize the importance of a good reliable security system. The systems we have chosen to install are based on our experience with various supplier’s after sale services and product support.

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