Smartway CCTV

Smartway Security CCTV:

Smartway Security is predominately Waikato’s leading CCTV Camera System provider & installer  -we offer all Digital and Analogue security solutions, although the market place is now depending more highly on Digital Technology.

We carry out extensive research and offer all clients a easy manageable system that can be operated anywhere in the world via remote access on PC or Smartphone.

HD CCTV has come of age now that IP HD (High Definition) Cameras have reduced in price enough to make them a cost effective option for ALL Business AND Residential applications.

From Dome Cameras, Bullet type Cameras, Body Cameras with special Lenses, Number Plate Cameras to PTZ Cameras that can “see 150 meters in the dark” – we can supply them all.

NVR (Network Video Recorders) are a totally digital product and record your footage to Hard Drives. Hybrid NVR’s are also available and we can install these to use some of your existing Analogue cameras where quality is not so critical and still install new HD high quality IP cameras for the more important areas.

IP Cameras work directly over Cat6 Data Networks, can also use Wireless Data Points and make more efficient use of Fibre Cable networks to carry the signal. This allows a far more flexible approach when designing the placement of the cameras locations.

We can bring our Mobile Demonstration Truck to you so you can see for yourself what your cameras will look like at your premises prior to installation – no more disappointments after they are installed.

Let us help you decide what you need to make your Security clearer with a Smartway CCTV Camera System.

Protect yourself the Smartway!

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