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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Smartway Security is the exclusive Installer & Distributor for CarTrack GPS services in New Zealand.
You walk out your front door on a crisp morning to get the mail and your heart sinks. In the driveway where you parked your pride and joy the night before – is a big empty space. You get on the phone to the police and this scenario can go one of two ways:
1. You give the cops the details of your baby, the colour, the model, registration details, etc and hope they find it. The chances are slim considering how quickly thieves can move.

2. You give the cops the exact location of your vehicle because you looked up its GPS location using an app on your smart phone. They find it in a shed on a rural property and you get it back the next day – and the criminals involved are caught red handed and brought to justice!
This is a real life scenario that happens every day.
Give Smartway Security a call today on 0800 93 63 63 to discuss how we can effectively help you with GPS Vehicle Tracking. Whether you want to track your private vehicle for peace of mind, insurance purposes or if you need tracking for your entire Fleet for business purposes- Smartway Security can offer an easy solution! We can track trailers, containers, farm vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, cars, boats and even the old or infirm.

Your Vehicle location can be accessed securely using any web browser or your Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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