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Home alarm systems and surveillance cameras are readily available in DIY kits, with a variety of cameras, recording equipment, access control systems, motion detectors and so on. You’ll find many wholesale home security systems and camera providers online. Keep in mind that many of these items maybe mediocre quality because the higher end “professional” equipment is only sold to licenced companies. Ensure you do not get ripped off with a low-quality home security system, buy only from reputable resellers and enquire at local security companies and homeware stores about similar products. All sellers and installers MUST hold a Security Licence to come to your property and discuss or install Security Alarms and Cameras & their licences can be checked by looking up the government register online. There is a hefty fine for not holding this licence and/or possible jail time..

At a minimum, your property should have an alarm system which acts as a deterrent, scares off intruders and alerts neighbours and the occupants of possible problems. No matter your home’s layout, opt for window and door sensors, primarily on ground level, but also at any balcony entry doors. Passive infra-red or “motion” detectors should be pointed to entry points, passages and windows that might not have sensors in order to pick up any movement as soon as possible. Basic do-it-yourself alarm systems are relatively simple to install and can instantly improve protection of your property but cannot be connected to professional monitoring services.

Some systems come with flashing lights and sirens that can alert the neighbours. These are a good deterrent to intruders as long as they do not frequently go off for no apparent reason. Be sure to let your neighbours know if you’re leaving home for an extended period, ask them to keep their ears and eyes open.

With the DIY option, the points of installation are very important. Seeing that you are not making use of an expert in security, who will know where to position and point your passive infra-red detectors and so forth, you need to make 100% sure that all possible areas and access points are covered properly, which is why it’s best to use a professional company. 


A good house security system should have monitoring and surveillance services. Smartway can offer security system installation, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. We have trained personnel who respond to an alarm system that’s been triggered. Whether you need medical assistance, protection from intruders or any other safety-related matter, they have the facilities to cater for it all for a small monthly fee (less than 1 cup of coffee a week!)

Generally, your best option is an experienced security provider with resources and technical skills to provide adequate home security systems. We provide installation and maintenance of integrated safety solutions and also offer you monitoring of your security system at a nominal fee & we have been providing an alarm monitoring service since 1999.

So contact the Team @ Smartway today and let them help you to protect what is important to you!

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The Smart Home Revolution

The start of the computer revolution was back in the 1950’s where big and bulky mainframe computers took up a whole room and had to be programmed with a punch card. They were used to automate Accounts and Payrolls.

Then by the 1980’s to 2000 the second revolution started when we began to have desktop computers in the office, and then came the home PC.

The third revolution was the mobile one which reduced them in size to be able to fit in our pockets, so we could take them anywhere and use them on the go.

Now the next shift has started and in our homes, smart assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo are steadily colonising our personal spaces, along with home automation for smart lighting and security systems.  There were over 640 million of these units sold last year and the market will be doing twice that by 2023.

By that time we can expect something like a 50% growth in sales of wearable devices like smart clothing and fitness trackers- a huge market that Apple is looking to – where it will be approaching 300 million units a year.

As for the workplace, AI is starting to take hold where it is transforming factories and production lines. Sometimes referred to as the forth revolution or industry 4, this sector is forecast to double to over 150 billion by 2023 and over a Trillion dollars by the early 2030’s.

Tech companies will increasingly seek to improve our lives with this explosion of smart devices that will be crunching the sensor data from all this hardware, as well as all the activities that we do on our smart phones. There are also plenty of start-ups staking out their territory  in this new frontier.

When it comes to your home it is important to know what you want and when you “don’t know what you don’t know” the best thing is to talk to a company that is experienced in security systems before you build and not settle for a one size fits all approach that some builders and electricians install as a part of a package.

Your Security System is a personal thing and needs to be researched correctly to make sure you know what you want and how you are going to use it – because it’s no good having one installed if it’s too hard to use, that would just be a waste of money.

Smartway Security and Technology have been installing CCTV for over 19 years and Monitored Security Alarms for longer than that. Why don’t you give them a call and let them help you to understand how you can protect what is important to you.

Remember “Experience the Difference because the Difference is Experience.

Call and speak to the team at Smartway today on 0800 93 63 63

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What Changing To Fibre Means For Your Security System

What Solutions Are Available?

Existing security systems will more than likely need to have a module installed so your alarm will still talk to the monitoring desk. There is also that big danger of being caught out in the event of a power cut when the new equipment is installed, that is unless you have a backup battery supply – called a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) installed. 

Previously your landline would still have kept you connected, but now you need a battery backup to keep your Router & ONT (Optical Network Terminal) alive.

Smartway Security & Technology have a solution for this and can supply you with a UPS Battery Backup so you don’t get caught short.

Will You Need A Costly Upgrade?

The short answer is no! You won’t need a costly upgrade. In fact, there might not be any cost involved at all.

Smartway can supply a UPS Battery backup for FREE (subject to T&Cs) when you change over to having your alarm monitored with us or resign a new contract. That will save you $120.00 + GST!
As a side note to that, if your Router and ONT are in different locations in the house you will need a second UPS. We will also be able to supply you the second battery a special discounted price of $85.00 + GST. 

What Changing To Fibre Means For Your Security System SW2

Now in addition, depending on the alarm you have and how old it is, we can also set you up with an APP on your phone that will allow you to communicate with the alarm and it can have a number of different functions. 

Depending on the make and model of your alarm, it could allow you to set and unset your alarm remotely from your Smart Device. In some cases, it can even provide an up-to-date log of who has set or unset the alarm, when they did it, plus other benefits.

Interested in ensuring your alarm will continue to work in all situations? Then, call us today to find out how we can help protect what is most important to you. Our phone number is 07 824 5566.

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