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Protection From Unwanted Visitors During The Winter Months

Here we are halfway through the year and in the middle of the cold and dark nights. While we are all shut up inside in our warm and cosy environments and with so much darkness around at this time of year there are people who love this time of year and it is the ideal time for unwanted visitors to take advantage! How do we protect ourselves then from unwanted visitors?

Firstly there is a Gate Alert to let you know that someone has entered a particular driveway or area, this will make a sound from the base station to alert you that someone is there. If there are more than one area or driveway that you need to cover we can supply a model that will make different sound for each driveway.

Secondly there are Outdoor Motion Detection Floodlights and this is one of the best deterrents as they light up when someone moves into the area and often it is like a rabbit caught in headlights as the bright lights startle the intruder.  With adequate lighting for all approaches to the site, this will discourage most attempts at unauthorised entry and make it hard for the burglars to hide.

Then thirdly there are CCTV Cameras so that when the lights come on – if the cameras have been installed correctly, they will clearly see what is happening and you will have a record of the incident.

Why is this important? Because you can go back over the footage and see what or who set off the lights, it’s like having eyes in the back of your head.

Cameras can do a lot if they are A. The right camera for the job – yes there are lots of different cameras and you need to know exactly what you are being expected to purchase – that is why we can bring our CCTV demo truck around to you place and SHOW you what the cameras can do, and B. installed correctly in the right positions where you don’t get Infra-Red flareback from the night vision LED’s.

So make sure you buy cameras from a CCTV specialist like us at Smartway because we have been installing CCTV for 20 years.  

Contact Roger and his team today and book a free site survey to help get you protected.