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Breaking news

Firstly there has been further announcements that copper lines are to be discontinued in areas where Ultra-Fast Fibre (UFB) is already installed. That means if you have Fibre available at your gate you are going to have to change very shortly.
Before you do though you will need to remember that you are going to need an IP module connected to your Security Alarm Panel so it can keep communicating via broadband.

We are still offering a special deal on the IP module which will also enable you to talk to your alarm from a mobile device.

Stock is limited so get in quick before we run out and the special offer finishes, because then you will have to pay for them. Our offer will save you over $250.00. Better call today!

For Business customers think about this………

Grow Your Business With A Security System

Imagine if you could read your customer’s minds as they wandered around your shop or showroom!

You would know instantly what they like and dislike about your business space, your staff, and your products, and convert this knowledge into profit!

While there’s no magic pill that can imbue you with mindreading superpowers (yet), there are solutions that can get you pretty close, such as a security system.

That’s right – the modern “eye in the sky” systems can do much more than just protect your property.

They also provide invaluable tracking and analytics to help you understand your customers and grow your business.

Using Your Security System For Business Intelligence

Features once considered futuristic are now accessible for the everyday business. For example, facial recognition – once thought to only be available for the FBI on crime TV shows – is a common feature available on security surveillance systems. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The same technology that helps you monitor secure areas, track suspicious behaviour, and identify criminals can be adapted to give you incredibly useful data to help your business save money, operate efficiently and understand your customers.

Let’s look at some of the possible applications.

Queue Management:

Nobody likes waiting in long lines to make their purchase. To avoid unhappy customers, you can implement queue management systems through your security system.

Gather data on how many people are standing in line throughout the day and the average wait times, then analyse the information to manage your staffing requirements in response. Not only will you save money by simply bringing in enough staff for peak times, but you will also gain the numerous benefits of keeping your customers happy.

Customer Footfalls:

Track the number of people walking past the front of the shop, as well as the number entering. Even this basic information gives you a valuable snapshot of your business.

What day of the week (and time of day) do more people enter your shop? How many people stop to look at your window displays or signage? How many walk out without buying anything?

Once you look at that information in conjunction with different promotions, store displays, or signage, you have a way of assessing what’s working and what isn’t.

Shopper Tracking:

Being able to see the routes people follow through your store, where they spend the most time, and the impacts your layout has on purchasing, allows you to optimise the space – and products offered – in your favour.

You can even utilise facial recognition technology to estimate the gender and age of customers, identify returning customers (for info on loyalty), and notify you when a VIP customer wanders in. The potential of this kind of information is outrageously exciting.

Business Growth Potential

The list goes on, but here are a few more ways to utilise a security system for business growth:

  • Analyse customer pathways to create the best flow and product displays
  • Create in-depth customer and loyalty profiles
  • Track conversion rates
  • Evaluate promotions and signage
  • Monitor the impact of weather on sales
  • Optimise staff time and allocation
  • Licence plate recognition and tracking

As you can see, the benefits of a security system go far beyond protecting your assets, although that’s an essential role, too. Chat with us today about how we can help transform your security system into a beneficial resource for business management.