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When Do Most Break-Ins Occur And Are You Prepared?

When And Where Do Burglaries Occur?

Unsurprisingly, most commercial break-ins happen after hours – typically, at night or on weekends.

While many factors combine to make a business a target – such as location and security measures – the presence of people is generally offputting to burglars. As such, places that are open 24-hours or those located in busy areas are less likely to be targeted. 

How To Prevent A Break-in

To prevent a burglary, you need to think like a burglar. While some thefts are opportunistic, most are planned, and properties are selected for a reason. Wander around your premises and ask yourself what kind of things would make your property attractive to burglars, and think about would deter you.

Light the place up

Make it impossible for someone to sneak around in the shadows by ensuring all potential entry areas are flooded with light. Ensure that it’s difficult for someone to break any lamps or bulbs.

Secure the doors and windows

Most burglars enter a property the same way we do – through the door. Failing that, they will target a window. If windows feel too accessible, install bars and use strengthened glass. Invest in some high-quality deadbolt locks for all entry points, and don’t forget to keep tabs on who has a set of keys! Roll-down grates or grilles are also great for preventing forced entry.

Mark the goods

Mark any equipment with a serial number or some other form of identification that can’t be removed. This makes it harder for thieves to sell, so they’re less likely to grab it.

Hide the goodies

Window displays full of expensive goods may attract customers, but they will also attract burglars. Avoid shelving expensive and desirable items near the front of the shop. If possible, store them in a secure area or safe after hours.

Install Alarms And Video Surveillance

The presence of an alarm is an enormous deterrent for a would-be burglar, as is a CCTV system.

Once you have cameras and an alarm in place, advertise it!

If someone is casing the joint, they are more likely to look elsewhere if they see signs in the window stating that the property is fitted with a security system. Cameras can alert you to suspicious activity that may precede a break-in, and help police identify the criminals if one does occur.

So, if you want to protect your premises and minimise the risk of a break-in, then we want to help you do it here at Smartway. We offer full surveillance and alarm systems to protect any property. Get in touch with us today to find out more.