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New Year, New Security Plans

We are already well into the new year, adapting to and evolving with the “new normal” in our work and home lives. As part of that evolution, have you taken the time to review your home or business security systems to make sure they’re up to scratch?

Not only do we have to consider security with respect to criminals – who are reportedly getting more brazen – we must also consider efficient and effective ways to live and work safely in the COVID-19 climate. 

If you haven’t assessed your security systems in a while, now’s the perfect time to do so. Here are some things to consider.

Changes To Your Home Or Business

Before we tackle the monster issue that is the pandemic, let’s talk about some of the more mundane (but just as significant) changes that you may have experienced in the last year. 

At your business premises, maybe you have hired more employees or let some go, opened a new building or moved to a new location, increased production, or changed your opening hours.

If so, you may need to consider whether the security systems you have in place are still effective for the changes to your business. 

Are your security cameras in the best position to prevent crime? Do you need an access control system that only permits entry to certain employees? 

What about at home? Have you set up a home office for remote work, moved house, or done some renovations? A review or your security systems can help protect your property and ensure you feel safe and sound whether you’re at work or home.

The COVID Security Revolution

Regardless of the industry or size of the business, everyone has had to make changes to their workplace in the last year to accommodate the new rules and regulations surrounding the pandemic, ensuring their employees are protected.

Social distancing, contact tracing, customer limits, and other considerations are part of everyday life for everyone, and technology can help make life easier under the new norm.

Beyond the vital task of protecting your property and staff from criminals, your security system can be used in a variety of ways to ensure health and safety amidst COVID-19.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Hands-free and contact-free access – keypad access  and fingerprint scanners aren’t so attractive when we’re trying to avoid a virus that can remain on surfaces for days. 
  • Advanced security systems can use facial recognition to give staff access and reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Remote security management – with many people working from home, and possible restrictions on who is allowed out during lockdowns, it’s essential you have the capability to monitor your security remotely.
  • Control customer numbers in-store – people counting software can be highly effective in managing your business, but especially so if there are limits to how many people are allowed to enter at one time because of COVID restrictions. 
  • Social distancing surveillance – the systems used above can even identify problem areas where people are forced to be too close together, giving you the opportunity to redesign the store layout for better social distancing.
  • Mask detection – if mask-wearing is a requirement, you can utilise facial recognition systems to check if someone is wearing a mask before they are permitted to access a room or building. 
  • Contact tracing and reporting – security systems can help track and trace areas or zones where individuals have been, helping in a suspected case of COVID-19.

Tackling More Brazen Criminals

As if we didn’t have enough to deal with in the last year, it seems that criminals are becoming craftier. Thefts from homes are happening in broad daylight under peoples’ noses, and retail crime continues to increase

A survey conducted in 2019 found that customer theft was the biggest contributor to retail crime, accounting for 57 percent of the losses. However, employee theft made up nearly a quarter of the figures. The survey also discovered that shoplifting was increasing dramatically.

With criminals developing a wider range of sophisticated ways to target homes and business premises, we must take the right precautions and use the right security systems to stay ahead of them.

Don’t become a victim of crime in the year ahead or get too stressed over the new normal. Get in touch with Smartway to discuss security systems and develop the best solutions for your home or business.