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How Secure is Your Business?

Is your business as safe as you think it is?

There’s more to security than bars on the windows and padlocks on the doors. Your business could be leaking revenue via shoplifters, employee theft, or even information breaches.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to review your security measures. Spend a bit of time now making sure you’ve covered the bases, and you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache (and money!) down the line.

Read on for some advice on how to keep your business secure and identify possible security gaps. 

Control Physical Access

Do you have a policy around key control? Who has keys to what area, and how can you ensure they aren’t lost or stolen? Mechanical keys are becoming obsolete these days. They are too easy to copy, and if one is lost, you may have to spend money replacing locks.

Plus, there’s no way to track who’s coming and going when mechanical keys are used. Consider investing in an electronic system using pins or more advanced recognition techniques. That way, you’ll be able to change access quickly and easily and keep track of who is entering different areas.  

If you want to keep it old school, make sure you have high-quality locks and deadbolts installed on all doors to deter burglars.

Install An Alarm System

A security alarm system is one of the most powerful deterrents for burglars and ensures your commercial property is protected after hours.

Install a quality system that detects movement and triggers an audible alarm to scare intruders off. Don’t forget to add signs and window stickers advertising the presence of an alarm system – sometimes these are enough to send criminals off in search of easier pickings.

If you need help selecting the right alarm system for your commercial premises, then get in touch with us here at Smartway. 

Use Security Cameras

Security cameras are another fantastic deterrent. While an alarm keeps your premises safe after hours, cameras can help deter shoplifters or employee theft 24/7. They can also help police identify people if the worst does happen.

Install cameras out of reach so they can’t be disabled or tampered with. Make sure you cover entry points and the most likely target areas of your store, such as storage rooms, cash registers, and expensive items. Smartway can help with camera selection, placement, and installation.

Manage Your Online Security

Keeping your business safe online is just as important as securing it offline. Your customers trust you with their personal data, so make sure you’ve done your due diligence to protect it.

Ensure your employees use smart passwords and change them at least once a month. Use two-factor authentication and ensure your server is secure if taking online payments. Install anti-virus software on all computers, and take steps to educate your employees about online security.

Stay On Top Of “Housework”

Don’t let the small things slip! There are many day-to-day things that you can do to maintain the security of your business.

For example:

  • Change passwords, key codes, or keys when an employee exits the business
  • Update passwords and key codes monthly
  • Conduct background checks and review references when hiring new staff
  • Ensure all the lightbulbs are working in critical areas to keep entry points illuminated at night.
  • Trim foliage or trees that might block visibility and provide hiding places for burglars
  • Conduct a daily security walk-through every day before closing

Chat To A Professional Security Company

Smartway Security has more than 70 years of combined staff experience in alarm systems, alarm monitoring , access control, CCTV, and other commercial security products. We have installed more than 3500 CCTV and alarm systems throughout New Zealand. Providing peace of mind and property protection for businesses big and small. 

If you need support or advice about keeping your business safe and secure, we’re here to help.  Smartway can help you develop a cost effective, comprehensive security solution tailored to your security requirements. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your business has been compromised; visit our website or give us a call today.