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The time has come to step up rural security

According to Federated Farmers and NZ Police, rural crime is escalating across the country. Over half of the farmers whose farms were surveyed were victims of crimes. Over 70% of these victims reported being struck at least twice. These alarming statistics demonstrate the importance of comprehensive farm security. 

What Do Thieves Typically Steal? 

Since quad bikes are easily resold, they are among the top targets for theft, and this type of theft most often occurs at night [source]. Older quads are more likely to be targeted because people are lenient with security measures. Storing your quad bikes in a locked shed or securing them with a lock and alarm is an easy way to prevent thefts like this. Besides quad bikes, other prime targets include portable equipment such as electric tools, chainsaws, and compressors, as well as other types of bikes and fuel.

What Attracts Crime? 

Crimes are largely opportunistic, so criminals are looking for properties they think are easy targets. You are far less likely to become a victim of a crime if your property has security measures such as a modern security system, motion-activated lights, a dog, fences and sturdy locks on expensive equipment. 

Criminals also target properties that might indicate affluence by looking for flashy, modern cars and farm equipment. The placement of expensive items out of view from the road can also help deter thieves. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure the safety of your property and belongings: 

* Store your valuable machinery and equipment in a lockable shed

* Keep expensive vehicles out of sight of the road, particularly cars and bikes 

* Make sure valuables in your home aren’t easily visible. This includes laptops, wallets, jewellery, and work tools. 

* Be sure all your windows and doors are locked before leaving. The majority of breaks-in occur through open or unsecured windows. 

* Leaving a spare key at your property is not advisable. However, If you must, avoid hiding it in obvious places such as under doormats, rocks and pot plants by the door or in your mailbox.

If you must then use a lockbox to secure the key with a combination code.

The time has come to step up rural security smartway-rural-security-system-new-zealand-2

What Can I Do To Secure My Property? 

The first step is to identify where your security may be lacking. NZ Police offers a rural security scorecard through which you can assess the security of your property. If you are after a more comprehensive evaluation, Smartway offers a free rural security assessment. 

After identifying weaknesses in your security, it is imperative that you address them as soon as possible. If you find your farm is in need of a new or updated security system, Smartway can design a security solution that is right for you. With Smartway Security, you can monitor your property with a hassle-free system so you can focus on what’s really important.

* Get alerts when someone is at high-risk areas like fuel

* Get alerts when access points to stock are crossed

* Keep an eye on implement sheds and cowsheds

* Watch what’s going on from your phone

Take control of your farm security and protect what you’ve worked hard for. Make sure your farm is secure and safe from theft and vandalism. 

Contact Smartway Security today to speak with one of our friendly staff members about your Rural Security needs. We are the rural security professionals of choice.