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The Smart Home Revolution

The start of the computer revolution was back in the 1950’s where big and bulky mainframe computers took up a whole room and had to be programmed with a punch card. They were used to automate Accounts and Payrolls.

Then by the 1980’s to 2000 the second revolution started when we began to have desktop computers in the office, and then came the home PC.

The third revolution was the mobile one which reduced them in size to be able to fit in our pockets, so we could take them anywhere and use them on the go.

Now the next shift has started and in our homes, smart assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo are steadily colonising our personal spaces, along with home automation for smart lighting and security systems.  There were over 640 million of these units sold last year and the market will be doing twice that by 2023.

By that time we can expect something like a 50% growth in sales of wearable devices like smart clothing and fitness trackers- a huge market that Apple is looking to – where it will be approaching 300 million units a year.

As for the workplace, AI is starting to take hold where it is transforming factories and production lines. Sometimes referred to as the forth revolution or industry 4, this sector is forecast to double to over 150 billion by 2023 and over a Trillion dollars by the early 2030’s.

Tech companies will increasingly seek to improve our lives with this explosion of smart devices that will be crunching the sensor data from all this hardware, as well as all the activities that we do on our smart phones. There are also plenty of start-ups staking out their territory  in this new frontier.

When it comes to your home it is important to know what you want and when you “don’t know what you don’t know” the best thing is to talk to a company that is experienced in security systems before you build and not settle for a one size fits all approach that some builders and electricians install as a part of a package.

Your Security System is a personal thing and needs to be researched correctly to make sure you know what you want and how you are going to use it – because it’s no good having one installed if it’s too hard to use, that would just be a waste of money.

Smartway Security and Technology have been installing CCTV for over 19 years and Monitored Security Alarms for longer than that. Why don’t you give them a call and let them help you to understand how you can protect what is important to you.

Remember “Experience the Difference because the Difference is Experience.

Call and speak to the team at Smartway today on 0800 93 63 63

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What Changing To Fibre Means For Your Security System

What Solutions Are Available?

Existing security systems will more than likely need to have a module installed so your alarm will still talk to the monitoring desk. There is also that big danger of being caught out in the event of a power cut when the new equipment is installed, that is unless you have a backup battery supply – called a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) installed. 

Previously your landline would still have kept you connected, but now you need a battery backup to keep your Router & ONT (Optical Network Terminal) alive.

Smartway Security & Technology have a solution for this and can supply you with a UPS Battery Backup so you don’t get caught short.

Will You Need A Costly Upgrade?

The short answer is no! You won’t need a costly upgrade. In fact, there might not be any cost involved at all.

Smartway can supply a UPS Battery backup for FREE (subject to T&Cs) when you change over to having your alarm monitored with us or resign a new contract. That will save you $120.00 + GST!
As a side note to that, if your Router and ONT are in different locations in the house you will need a second UPS. We will also be able to supply you the second battery a special discounted price of $85.00 + GST. 

What Changing To Fibre Means For Your Security System SW2

Now in addition, depending on the alarm you have and how old it is, we can also set you up with an APP on your phone that will allow you to communicate with the alarm and it can have a number of different functions. 

Depending on the make and model of your alarm, it could allow you to set and unset your alarm remotely from your Smart Device. In some cases, it can even provide an up-to-date log of who has set or unset the alarm, when they did it, plus other benefits.

Interested in ensuring your alarm will continue to work in all situations? Then, call us today to find out how we can help protect what is most important to you. Our phone number is 07 824 5566.

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Who Needs Security?

How Can You Use Security To Your Advantage?

Security is valuable for everyone who wants to protect what is important to them. 

That ranges from a major commercial client wanting to protect their premises and look after their health and safety, right through to the average householder who wants a home alarm, and maybe some security cameras or gate alerts around the house.

The main benefit of having a security system is peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about your business, your staff, or your home if you can’t be there. Our systems allow you to be alerted immediately if something happens. Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to go back and see what happened with the camera system. 

It is really like having eyes in the back of your head.

Here at Smartway, we can make security work for you. We cover all spectrums and we have customers in every different direction you can think of across New Zealand. We have major corporate accounts that we look over, (like the 90 sites of Bridgestone Tyres nationwide), but we also service hospitals and rest homes, as well as small shops and offices. As you can imagine, they all have very different needs and we produce a security solution that works for each. 

What Are Your Different Options?

Most security systems concentrate on CCTV as their main component. But there are a number of different options you can use to complement the CCTV system. At Smartway, we certainly do everything electronic that comes along with CCTV. That includes alarms, access control, gate alerts and other forms of security and alerts to help you protect yourself and what is important to you.

If you are considering security, you really want to know what you are getting. At Smartway, we help you “experience the difference”! We are an extremely experienced company, in fact, experience is our difference. We have been involved with CCTV for over 19 years and have well over 4000 camera systems installed across New Zealand.

We can also give you firsthand experience of what your security system will look like before you even buy it. We have a fully equipped demo truck that we can bring to your premises. That means we can park it within your yard, you can sit inside the truck and experience how the cameras would view your driveway or other locations. By doing that, you get to see the quality of the cameras, the resolution of the imaging and get a firsthand experience of the system in action. 

Surprising Protection Benefits

Most people expect that their security system will protect them against theft. But that is only one of the protection benefits. There are plenty of other ways…

  1. Monitoring the health and safety practices of your staff. By operating cameras in your high risk areas, you can encourage staff to be more careful and also discover the cause of any accidents that might happen so you can prevent them from repeating in the future. 
  2. Better management of your business. We have had a number of occasions where staff members have been caught stealing from their employers on hidden cameras. It gives you, as the business owner, proof and the ability to take action. And it also allows you to have an objective picture of the day to day runnings in a certain area. Watching the footage can help you to improve efficiencies.
  3. Discovering the truth. We had a recent example of a visitor to a business premises who claimed their vehicle was damaged while onsite. Because the business owner had Smartway CCTV installed, they were able to look back on the footage and prove that the car had driven into the premises with the damage already on their vehicle. Without the physical proof of the footage, it would have been hard for the business owner to argue the point.

So there you have it, three excellent ways that your security system can protect your business from more than vandals and external wrong doers! 

Are you ready to protect the things that matter the most to you? Then give us a call or email us here at Smartway. We can arrange a time to come and see you and check out how we can help protect your property or what is important to you.

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The Importance of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

The Importance of CCTV Surveillance Systems


Companies all over the world need a secure location for their business to thrive. And over the last decade, technology has improved so well that these companies have become so dependent on it, relying on it for safety and progress. With this evolution came the birth of CCTV, which wasn’t a mere coincidence but a necessary invention to safeguard those who need security. Following this vision, Smartway Security & Technologies is proud to be New Zealand’s leading CCTV and alarm systems provider.

As we all know, CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, which is technically described as a set of video cameras that is used to transmit signals to a monitor. It captures and records images in areas like shopping malls, banks, hospitals, parks or any place that needs to be monitored by security personnel.


The first known CCTV surveillance system was installed in 1942 at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde Airfield by the German company Siemens AG. The person responsible for its design and system installation was a German engineer named Walter Bruch. The first commercial CCTV system became available in the US in 1949 by a company called Vericon. What made the evolution of CCTV interesting was its earliest form of surveillance — when a security personnel would have to constantly watch the monitors all day since recording and storing images wasn’t invented at that time. But a few years later, the reel-to-reel media process was invented, allowing them to record hours and hours of video footage, making it easier to review the collected images.

The Importance of CCTV Surveillance Cameras photo-1530476853990-25a9c69b8917-300x169

CCTV in action

Today, various types of CCTV with amazing state-of-the-art features are available from different manufacturers all over the world. From high-definition IP cameras to face recognition and audio monitoring capability, achieving a secure environment is not a complicated choice anymore.

But no matter how digital — and dangerous — the world has become, some business owners are still hesitant in using CCTV surveillance systems in their companies. One reason is they mostly think of it as an overpriced investment or a mere additional cost, unaware of the benefits, capabilities and convenience brought by CCTV. Read on to know why installing CCTV is crucial in every business.


Prevent and Deter Crime


The presence of a CCTV camera in your business location (retail shops, gasoline stations, parking lots, etc.) can monitor the activities in the area, especially in your absence. It records crimes or any suspicious activities that may happen in your location. When people or criminals are aware that a CCTV camera is watching them, it will hinder them from acting on a crime which can put them and others in jeopardy.


CCTV cameras can be a very handy set of eyes at home too. In times when you leave your kid with the babysitter, or when your furry cats and dogs are left alone by themselves, the digital IP high definition camera allows you to monitor activities with just one click from your laptop or mobile phone — leaving you worry free wherever you are.


Help Collect Evidence
CCTV cameras are very helpful in case of an unfortunate event. With the recorded videos, it can help identify culprits. One perfect example was in 2013, when the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were tracked with the help of CCTV footage analyzed by the FBI. They were initially called Black Hat and White Hat, but as soon as their images were released, they were finally identified as the Tsarnaev Brothers. This incident popularized the use of CCTV in the USA. Weeks later, a poll by New York Times/CBS found that 78% of the respondents have valued its use and advantage.


Also, most companies today rely on cash-in-transit and bank services to do the banking for them. With video surveillance, you can monitor incoming collections or any activities from inside and outside the premises. Since CCTV allows you to review images recorded on previous days, it is also very helpful in solving internal problems like employee fights, non-productive workforce, sexual harassment and theft. Having CCTV in the area will give both employees and clients a sense of security while they’re doing business with you.


Cost-effective for Security


Companies with CCTV installed say it helps improve employee punctuality and productivity by 30%. In a recent poll by Harris Polls, 66% of business owners believe that CCTV is the most valuable security measure to alleviate problems in the office since it can monitor the employees’ productivity. These cameras protect not only you but your employees too, without the need of hiring excessive security personnel.


CCTV cameras today have a live viewing feature where you can view real time HD video 24/7. With this capability, you can keep an eye on what is going on in your office or home. It helps prevent break-ins from intruders, keeping your company and your assets safe 24 hours a day.


Investing in CCTV systems or video surveillance for your company is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide your business and your employees a secured workspace. Though CCTV today is highly modern and advanced, Smartway Security & Technologies is happy to provide you a seamless self-monitoring service at a very competitive rate.


There are still a lot of advantages in using CCTV that are not mentioned here, but it all leads to only one conclusion — CCTV surveillance systems are vital for the success of every business. Whether you run a small business, a big corporation or you need security at home, you can rely on Smartway Security & Technologies to provide you the best trusted service.

If you’re unsure about what CCTV service you need, feel free to talk to a CCTV installations professional at Smartway. You may visit our website or call us at 0800 93 63 63 today!

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